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E71T-1 Flux Core Welding Wire

E71T-1 Flux Core Welding Wire is titanium oxide type CO2 gas shielded flux cored wire with excellent welding performance and soft and stable arc.Small splash, easy slag removal, beautiful welding seam. Suitable for welding and welding, can all position of welding, the welding efficiency is high.The weld metal is treated with trace elements , and has good low - temperature toughness , good crack resistance and stable and reliable intrinsic quality .
  • E71T-1

  • sanzhong

  • E71T-1 Flux Core Welding Wire.pdf

  • E71T-1

  • spool - drum

  • China

  • AWS A5.20 E71T-1

  • international standard


  • accept ODM also

  • 1kg / 5kg / 15kg / 250kg

  • 7-15 Days

  • 1000 KGS

  • 6000 Tons per Month

  • 0.6mm / 0.8mm / 0.9mm / 1.0mm / 1.2mm/ 1.6mm

  • 025 / 030 / 035 / 040 / 045 / 0.030


E71T-1 Flux Core Welding Wire Features

  • E71T-1 flux core mig wire GMAW (MIG) welding alloy 

  • Designed for welding heat treatable base alloys

  • Suitable for sustained elevated temperature service

  • All position, include vertical down welding

  • Gray - white(post anodized) color


AWS E71T-1

Chemical Composition %














Spool  ( MIG )


      ( MM )


S100/1kg  S200/5kg   S270,S300/15kg-20kg

X - ray detection requirements:Ⅱ

Deposited metal   diffusible hydrogen

(Chromatography   or Mercury):≤10ml/100g

E71T-1 Flux Core Welding Wire Down Load

E71T-1 Flux Core Welding Wire.pdf

E71T-1 Flux Core Welding Wire Specifications

Mechanical Properties

Yield Strength  


Tensile  (Mpa)

Elongation  (%)

AKV Impact Energy(J)  -20


490 670






   Current - A






Downward welding

80 – 250

120 – 300

140 – 400

180 – 450

Vertical upward welding

120 – 260

150 – 270

180 – 280

Vertical down welding

200 – 300

220 – 300

250 – 300

Horizontal welding

120 – 280

150 – 320

180 – 350

E71T-1 Flux Core Welding Wire video

E71T-1 Flux Core Welding Wire Factory Show

E71T-1 Flux Core Welding Wire

E71T-1 Flux Core Welding Wire Application

The flux cored wire of structural parts of carbon steel and low alloy structural steel with tensile strength ≥ 490 MPA is the most widely used in the welding of important structures such as shipbuilding.

E71T-1 Flux Core Welding Wire

E71T-1 Flux Core Welding Wire Certification

E71T-1 Flux Core Welding Wire

E71T-1 Flux Core Welding Wire WHAT YOU GET

  • best E71T-1 flux wire welder - flux core stainless wire - gasless flux core welding wire

  • Choose Your stainless flux core wire Size in mm: 0.8mm / 0.9mm / 1.0mm / 1.2mm/ 1.6mm

  • Choose Your flux cored welding wire Size in inch: 0.030 / 0.035 / 0.040 / 0.045/ 0.063/ 0.079 / 3/16

  • Choose Your flux welding wire Spool Weight(Package): 0.5kg / 2kg / 7kg

  • Choose Your stainless steel flux core wire Size:  1.2mm/ 1.6mm/ 2.0mm

  • Choose Your Wire tube Weight(Package): 2kg / 5kg / 10kg / 1LB / 2LB / 4.5LB / 15.5LB / 20LB

E71T-1 Flux Core Welding Wire knowledge

  • best flux core wire Requirements

    Electrodes on spools and in coils (including drums)shall be wound so that kinks, waves, sharp bends, overlapping, or wedging are not encountered, leaving theelectrode free to unwind without restriction. The outsideend of the electrode (the end with which welding is tobegin) shall be identified so it can be readily located and shall be fastened to avoid unwinding.

    The cast and helix of electrode in coilsspools,and drums shall be such that the electrode will feed in an uninterrupted manner in automatic and semiautomatic equipment.

  • mig flux core wire Filler Metal Identification

    The product information and the precautionary information required in Section 25, Marking of Packages, for marking each package shall also appear on each coil, spool, and drum.

    Coils without support shall have a tag containing this information securely attached to the electrode at the

    inside end of the coil.

    flux core wire speed and voltage chart Coils with support shall have the information securely affixed in a prominent location on the support.

    Spools shall have the information securely affixed in a prominent location on the outside of at least one

    flange of the spool.

    mig flux core wire Drums shall have the information securely affixed in a prominent location on the side of the drum.

  •  flux core aluminum welding wire Packaging

    Electrodes shall be suitably packaged to ensure against damage during shipment and storage under normal conditions.

    The following product information (as a minimum) shall be legibly marked so as to be visible from the outside of each unit package.

    (1) AWS specification (year of issue may be excluded) and classification, along with applicable optional designators

    (2) Supplier's name and trade designation

    (3) Size and net weight

    (4) Lot, control, or heat number

E71T-1 Flux Core Welding Wire WARNING

  • Protect yourself and others. Read and understand this label of self shielded flux cored wire. FUMES and GASES can be hazardous to your health.ARC RAYS can injure eyes and burn skin. flux core mig wire ELECTRIC SHOCK can KILL. 

  • gas shielded flux cored wire,Before use, read and understand the manufacturer's instructions, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs), and your employer's safety practices. 

  • stainless steel flux core wire types have too many kinds ,Keep your head out of the fumes.Use enough ventilation, exhaust at the arc, or both, to keep fumes and gases away from your breathing zone and the general area.Wear correct eye, ear, and body protection. 

  • flux wire welder,Do not touch live electrical parts.See American National Standard, ANSI 249.1, Safety in Welding.

E71T-1 Flux Core Welding Wire FAQ

stainless steel flux cored mig wire 10 famous brand are which factory?

1:sanzhong, 2:giant, 3:bohler, 4:rural king, 5:lincoln, 6:hyundai, 7:blue demon, 8:esab, 9:Oxford, 10:golden bridge

gasless flux core wire supplier and factories or wholesale locates in such countries like?


How to choose a suitable gasless flux cored solder wire?or what type of filler wire is best for flux core stainless wire?

1. Welding workpiece should be done oil removal, rust removal treatment.

2. During welding , the gas flow is generally between 20 and 25 L / min .

3. When flux-cored wire is welded, the dry elongation should be 15 ~ 25 mm.

4. Welding wire warehouse humidity should be maintained no more than 60%.

5. Non-vacuum packaging wire storage time should not exceed half a year, vacuum packaging wire storage time should not exceed one year.

E71T-1C and E71T-1M,Shielding gas designator.2 Indicates the type of shielding gas used for classification. The letter“C” indicates that the electrode is classified using 100% CO2 shielding gas. The letter “M” indicates that the electrode is classified using 75–80% Argon/balance CO2 shielding gas. When no designator appears in this position, it indicates that the electrode being classified is self-shielded and that no external shielding gas was used.

Notes:solder wire with flux

a. Sizes and net weights other than those specified may be supplied as agreed between supplier and purchaser.

b. ID = inside diameter, OD = outside diameter

c. Tolerance on net weight shall be ±10%.

d. As agreed between supplier and purchaser.

Description and Intended Use of Flux Cored Electrodes

This specification contains many different classifications of flux cored electrodes. The usability designation

(1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, or the letter“G” or the letters “GS”) in each classification indicates a

general grouping of electrodes that contain similar flux or core components and which have similar usability

characteristics, except for the “G” classification where usability characteristics may differ between similarly

classified electrodes.

E71T-11 Classification. Electrodes of this classification are self-shielded, operate on DCEN, and have a smooth spray-type transfer. They are general purpose electrodes for single- and multiple-pass welding

in all positions. Their use is generally not recommended on thicknesses greater than 3/4 in [19 mm]. The electrode manufacturer should be consulted for specific recommendations.


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