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Aluminum Welding Wire Products

Details Of Aluminum Welding Wire

SANZHONG WELD DIN-EN-ISO 18273 Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Zn Cr Be Ti Others

AL 99.5

ER 1050
(Al 99.5)
<0,15 <0,15 <0,02 <0,02 <0,02 <0,04 - <0,0003 <0,03 <0,03 - min. 99,5

AL 99.5 Ti

ER 1450
(Al 99,5 Ti)
<0,40 <0,25 <0,05 <0,05 <0,05 <0,07 - <0,0003 0,10 - 0,20 <0,03 - min. 99,5

ALMg 4,5MnZr

ER 5087
(ALMg 4,5
<0,40 <0,25 <0,05 0,70-1,10 4,50-5,20 <0,25 0,05-0,25 <0,0003 <0,15 Zr 0,10-0,20 <0,15 Basis

ALMg 4,5Mn

ER 5183
(AlMg 4,5
Mn 0,7)
<0,40 <040 <0,10 0,50-1,00 4,30-5,20 <0,25 0,05-0,25 <0,0003 <0,15 <0,15 <0,15 Basis

ALMg 5)

ER 5356
(AlMg 5 Cr)
<0,25 <0,40 <0,10 0,05-0,20 4,50-5,50 <0,10 0,05-0,20 <0,0003 0,06 - 0,20 <0,05 <0,15 Basis


ER 5754
(AlMg 3)
<0,40 <0,40 <0,10 <0,50 2,60-3,60 <0,20 <0,30 <0,0003 <0,15 <0,05 <0,15 Basis
ALSi 5
ER 4043A
4,50 - 6,00 <0,60 <0,30 <0,15 <0,20 <0,10 - <0,0003 <0,15 <0,05 <0,15 Basis
ALSi 12
ER 4047A
11,0 - 13,0 <0,60 <0,30 <0,15 <0,10 <0,20 - <0,0003 <0,15 <0,05 <0,15 Basis

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  • We are the professional welding wire supplier in china, has the 23+ years of manufacturing experience, with an area of 15,000 square meters and over 150 employees including more than 10 technician. SANZHONG WELD supply aluminum welding wire, flux cored welding wire, mig welding wire, stainless steel welding wire. All the welding wire got the CE certification. And SANZHONG WELD as an Iso 9001 certified factory. All the welding wire has exported 100+ counties in the world. Get your best welding wire price today.

Aluminum Welding Wire Production Line

Aluminum Welding Wire Manufacturing

Aluminum Welding Wire Features

  • Aluminum/magnesium GMAW (MIG) welding alloy
  • Designed for welding heat treatable base alloys, specifically 6XXX series alloys
  • Lower melting point and more fluidity than 5XXX series filler alloys
  • Low sensitivity to weld cracking with 6XXX series base alloys
  • Suitable for sustained elevated temperature service, i.e. above 150°F (65°C)
  • All position, except vertical down welding
  • Gray (post anodized) color

Aluminum Welding Wire Application

It is also used in the welding of aluminum, silicon, magnesium, aluminum, zinc and magnesium alloy and the repair welding of aluminum and magnesium alloy castings.

Aluminum Welding Wire Certification

Choose Your Aluminum Welding Wire

 MIG Wire Size

mm: 0.8mm / 0.9mm / 1.0mm / 1.2mm / 1.6mm / 2.0mm

inch: 0.030 / 0.035 / 0.040 / 0.045 / 0.063 / 0.079 / 3/16 - 3/64

 TIG Wire Size

mm: 1.2mm / 1.6mm / 2.0mm / 2.4mm / 3.2mm / 4.0mm / 5.0mm


 Spool Weight(Package)

0.5kg / 2kg / 7kg

 Tube Weight(Package)

2kg / 5kg / 10kg / 1LB / 2LB / 4.5LB / 15.5LB / 20LB

Aluminum Welding Wire Cooperation Process

Aluminum Welding Wire FAQ

  • How to choose a suitable gasless mig aluminium welding wire?or what type of filler wire is best for tig welding for aluminium?

    General Notes:

    1.Service conditions such as immersion in fresh or salt water,exposure to specific chemicals,or asustained high temperature,aluminium welding wire for high heat(over 150F [66℃)may limit the choice of filler metals welding wire aluminium, aluminium welding wire for mig Filler metals ER5183,ER5356 welding rod,ER5556 are not recommended for sustained elevated temperature service.

    2.aluminium mig welding wire recommendations in this table apply to gas shielded arc welding processes.For oxyfuel gas welding,only ER1188,ER1100,ER4043,ER4047,ER4145 filler metals are ordinarily used and aluminium welding wire specification.

    3.Where no filler metal is listed,aluminum alloy welding wire ,the base metal combination is not recommended for welding

     aluminium welding wire gasless.



    a. ER4145 may be used for some applications to some aluminum alloy welding wire.

    b. ER4047 may be used for some applications to some flux cored aluminium welding wire.

    c. ER4043 may be used for some applications to some aluminium magnesium welding wire.

    d. ER5183,ER5356,or ER5556 may be used to some aluminium welding wire grades.

    e. ER2319 may be used for some applications.It can supply high strength when the weldment is postweld solution heat treated and aged.

    f. alum.welding wire ER5183,ER5356,ER5554,ER5556,and ER5654 may be used In some cases:(1)   improved color match afer anodizing treatment,(2) highest weld ductility (3) higher weld strength.ER5554 is suitable for sustained elevated temperature service.

    g. alum welding wire ER4643 will provide higher strength in 1/2 in.[12mm]and thicker groove welds in 6XXX  base alloys when postweld solution heat treated and aged.

    h. flux core aluminum wire Filler metal with the same analysis as the base metal is sometimes used.The following wrought filler metals possess the same chemical composition limits as cast filler alloys: ER4009 and r4009 as R-C355.0;ER4010 and R4010 as R-A356.0; R4011 as R-A357.0.

    i. Mig welding aluminum wire ,Base metal alloys 5254 and 5652 are used for hydrogen peroxide service.ER5654 filler metal is used for welding both alloys for service temperatures below 150F [66°℃].

    j. ER1100 may be used for some applications in wire feed welding aluminum.

  • Aluminium bronze welding wire can filler feed how many welders?


  • Aluminum mig wire supplier and factories or wholesale locates in such countries like?


  • MIG welding aluminium wire 10 famous brand are which factory?

    1:sanzhong, 2:giant, 3:safra, 4:Hobart, 5:SAF, 6:ALCOTEC, 7:INDALCO, 8:GULF, 9:Oxford, 10:harris

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