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Normal question using aluminum welding wire

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We have more than 15 years experience in producing all kinds of aluminum welding wire,

since these years of experience, we find that so much questions were very normal and I 

list them out as following.

What kind of ER5xxx aluminium welding wire should we choose?

ER5xxx series called Al / Mg welding wire also,normally we use are ER5183 or ER5356 or ER5556

ER5183 contains high composition of Mn. 

Welding base materials 5083 and 5654 with higher magnesium content and higher 

tensile strength (if tensile strength require 276MPa or higher)

ER5356 is an aluminum alloy welding wire containing 5% magnesium.

ER5356 weld formation is beautiful and fine, the spatter is little  and the anodizing treatment is white;

ER5556 is Aluminum magnesium wire containing 5% magnesium and 0.8% manganese

ER5556 has high strength, good corrosion resistance and crack resistance.

You can choose the one situable for you and welcome to contact me if you have some ideas 

different or same with me .

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